This is a setting that I have created that deals with the near future of the Fading Suns universe. In this the Emperor is in a coma and his sons battle for the right of ascendancy in a brutal and bloody civil war. Political intrigue and open warfare abound. An empire that was beginning to become truly mighty has been reduced to a war zone.

Timeline of Events
 5005 AD – The Empire announces that its Questing Knights have discovered lost worlds and that efforts are to begin in colonizing them. Alexius has made a decision as to who to make his Empress. He marries Thefana al Malik of the Brother Battle. Duchess Salandra Decados leaves court suddenly and retires to Cadiz.
 5006 AD – Thefana is successful in carrying the Royal heirs. She gives birth to Caelius and Marcus, the Royal Twins in the month of November. A month of celebration is declared on Byzantium II.
 5010 AD – The Crusade against the Kurgans comes to an end with the Kurgans signing an armistice with the Empire and giving control of Hira over to the Empire.
 5013 AD – The Symbiot menace has reared its head once more as the Symbiotes launch a surprise invasion of Shaprut. Empress Thefana takes all the Brother Battle from Byzantium II as well as four Legions of the Empire’s Phoenix Guard to Shaprut. She and her army are lost in battle versus this dread foe. The Imperial Family grieves mightily. Alexius responds by having that part of Shaprut plasma bombed for one hundred days.
 5016 AD – The Emperor Alexius I falls into a mysterious coma. Some claim his grief finally took him. Others say he was poisoned. There is no known reason for this coma. In his absence a Regency is declared. The Regent is Duke Morgan Kale Hawkwood. In the wake of these events some minor rebellions spring up but the Regency puts them down.
 5021 AD – The Royal Twins come of age to inherit and both claim the throne. This begins a disagreement that will divide the Empire. This disagreement soon becomes a civil war of house vs. house and noble vs. noble. Even the Church is divided though they claim to speak with one voice.
 5025 AD – The civil war for ascendancy rages on. The Emperor remains in his coma. The guilds are making some noises about a new republic. This is where the first part of the campaign began in March.
 5027 AD – The civil war for ascendancy takes an interesting turn when Emperor Alexius suddenly is awakened from his coma. Many in the Known Worlds breath a sigh of relief as the Emperor begins to recover. The Guilds seem to pleased publicly but privately their efforts at republic move forward. Alexius summons his sons to Byzantium II in early June for a round of peace negotiations. The Church heralds Alexius’ efforts as worthy of the saints. Caelius and Marcus both agree to lay down arms and to live in peace.

Caelius settles on Ravenna while Marcus settles on Aylon. Both sons as well as Lady Catherine Decados are awaiting the final judgement of their father as to who will inherit the throne. Alexius does officially recognize Lady Catherine Decados as his child and one of his heirs. For a time the royal twins live in peace. That is short-lived.
 5030 AD – Emperor Alexius announces his upcoming marriage to Baroness Mae Lynn Li Halan of Kish. This marriage announcement rocks the known worlds. None of his advisers saw the marriage announcement coming. Alexius married his 24 year old bride on July 8. Both Caelius and Marcus seemed upset by this marriage as neither of them had yet married.
 5031 AD – Alexius and Mae Lynn are proud to announce the birth of the daughter Alura Regina Hawkwood in September. In that same month is announced the rise of Husk plagues on the following worlds: Delphi, Iskthar, Aragon, and Leagueheim. Forces are mobilized to combat the husk plague on those worlds. The plague may have begun on those worlds but several other worlds are greatly affected. The Church decries the plagues as sent by the forces of hell. The Husk Wars begin.

Caelius marries in November to Sister Clarissa Monro. The wedding is also a surprise but the couple is happy. Markus continues to have numerous affairs. Rumors run wild with reports that he favors both genders in these affairs.
 5032 AD – Marcus gathers an army of al Malik and Guild forces. He then moves to Twilight where he begins to settle the warring forces in control of that down under his rule. He discovers a massive supply of weapons and technology. This gives the young prince massive power. Marcus will spend the next several years fighting to claim this world for himself. House Hawkwood objects strongly to this aggression on Marcus’ part. Marcus states that he is a loyal member of House Hawkwood and only wants to make the best use of this populated and powerful world.

Brother Battle places a large unit of Pilgrim assault armor into the field against the Husks. They were extremely effective versus Husk forces. It is only when the Husks began to mass against the human forces and use complex tactics that it became understood that the Husks actually have a complex leadership structure. The Church is now more convinced than ever that demonic forces are at work.
 5033 AD – The Kurgan Kaliphate decides it would be a great time to take Kurga back from Hazat forces. They massed a large invasion force of warships and ground forces. They even were employing new war golems. Hazat forces were quickly overwhelmed and cut off from support from the Known World.

The Hazat move quickly to try to get a new crusade declared by the Church. The Patriarch seems much less concerned with this Kurgan invasion than he is with the Husk Wars. This angers the Hazat. The Emperor responds by recalling some loyal individuals and creating a task force to assist the Hazat.
 5034 AD – The Imperial Task Force is sent to help the Hazat with their attempt at retaking Kurga aka Hira. As the Hazat and Imperial forces battle to retake the system, losses are great on both sides. It is discovered that the Kurgans are making good use of drone vessels and other advanced war golems. By the year’s end, the forces of the Known Worlds barely hold part of one continent on Hira.

Emperor Alexius personally takes the field against the Husks leading his Phoenix Guard in the defense of part of Byzantium II. He and his new wife announce their second child, a son William Jae.

Caelius and his wife announce the birth of a daughter, Tamara Hawkwood. She becomes an instant media favorite.
 5035 AD – The Husk Wars come to an end. The Husk forces just seem to stop their relentless advance into the Known Worlds. Billions have perished in the fighting. The reasons for this halting of aggression is unknown. Alexius sends out his most trusted Questing Knights to investigate. The Patriarch declares this a miracle from the Pancreator.

A party of Ukar assassins manage to breach the Imperial Palace’s defenses and come very close to assassinating Alexius and Mae Lynn. This elite band of Ukar warriors are finally stopped by the Phoenix Guard.

Duchess Salandra Decados becomes much more outspoken advocate of her daughter’s claim after Lady Catherine gives birth to a a daughter, Terra. Alexius seems to really like his newest grandchild. This angers Caelius and Marcus both.

On Hira, things remain a bloody conflict with Hazat and Imperial troops making small gains on the planet while in space the Kurgans seem to be winning most of the battles.
 5037 AD – Prince Marcus makes a grand re-entrance to the Known Worlds with a shiny new fleet of warships and a new wife. Daphne Greyson is the granddaughter of the Leaguemeister. Marcus claims all is forgiven when it comes to his brother. They publicly embrace on Byzntium II.

News from Leagueheim: There re League authorities that are accusing the Church of prolonging the Husk Wars in an attempt to “trick” the people of the Known Worlds into continuing with out-dated beliefs. This sparks controversy throughout the Known Worlds.

Princes Marcus and Caelius announce they will join forces to invade Hira and recapture this world. They begin to gather support from nobles friendly to them and their cause. An invasion fleet will begin to gather at Vera Cruz. The Royal Twins reach out to Princess Catherine to ask for additional support. She promises the support of some elite warriors. This bolsters both sides of the Hira conflict. Fighting intensifies.
 5038 AD – Before the Princely Taskforce is able to deploy to Hira, disaster strikes. The Kurgans amassed a taskforce of their own and brought it in to hit the Known Worlds forces. They hit them hard. The Known Worlds forces in the system found themselves overwhelmed. Some of them managed to escape the planet and make it to the systems jumpgate. They escaped. Then the gate shut behind them. It has yet to reopen.

The League remains relatively silent on these matters but the Church decries it as “an evil infidel effort to keep the true word of the Pancreator from those that need it.”

The Princely Taskforce remains in Vera Cruz space for the remainder of the year in hopes of the gate reopening.
 5039 AD – The Princely Peace falters. Caelius accuses Marcus of attempting to have his wife assassinated. Lady Clarissa was injured in this attempt and is now in the care of Sanctuary Aeon in an undisclosed location. This disagreement has led to the disbanding of the Princely Taskforce and signaled an end to their brotherly peace. Forces begin to gather in anticipation of a re-ignition of their struggle. The Emperor has ordered an investigation over these events and has ordered his sons to calm down.

Princess Catherine’s daughter, Terra, has been kidnapped. Many in the Imperial Court are distraught. Alexius dispatches Questing Knights to find the child. Princess Catherine herself has disappeared leaving only a video message saying she had to located her daughter.

The Husks return in an unlikely location: Holy Terra. The Church calls for assistance.

This the year the game will re-ignite. Be patient as more details are coming.

Colonized Lost Worlds
• Hira – Won from the Kurgan is is ruled by the Hazat and the Empire. There are many tensions between those two factions there and many an uprising still.
• Twilight – This war-torn world is ruled by House Hawkwood.
• Iver – Ever the center of attention between factions, this world is still being competed over by the Decados and Hazat with the Church also trying to claim it.
• Pandora – This mysterious world is ruled by the empire. And few have traveled there.
• Gizeh – This world is ruled by the Empire though the Church has also claimed ownership of this world on account of the bizarre sentients that live there.
• Sargasso – This water planet has heavy ties to the League though the Empire rules it in name.
• Eridol – This homeworld of House Thana has recently been reclaimed by that same house. This had made that once minor house much more powerful than it once was.
• Other worlds are being explored but so many Questing Knights are involved in the civil war that little exploration is taking place.

Fading Suns: Empire Divided

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