Fading Suns: Empire Divided

A Day for Firsts

Enfeer- Vau Space

Sorami and Corbin go in with the stasis crystal. Alex and Lavinia will stay outside of the quarantine watching, while the three Phoenix Guard will stay outside awaiting any trouble. The substance is opaque, so a bit difficult to make out features, though it appears female physically. Corbin tries several methods to interface or open the pod, while Sorami uses science and theurgy to figure the health of the inhabitant. When Corbin reverses his translator to project Vau language, he is able to get the resin to break down. The woman is covered in lesions and begins to breathe. Sorami Sun rushes forward to help the female. When she lays on hands, glowing eyes and hands and mouth, the lesions begin to close. Continuing to try to heal the woman of her affliction, Sorami notices the disease is not going way. Observing her with the medical scanner, the inhabitant has a genetic disease that is breaking down her skin and her code is abnormal, though not necessarily harmful, and matches Emperor Alexius’ as his daughter.

When Sorami whispers to Corbin that she is awake even though showing unconsciousness, he loudly announces his intent to go over and see if she is alert. He walks over to tap her gently, only to have his neck wrapped dangerously in her legs, showing off of a large mantis tattoo. Sorami tries to charm her down from killing the Engineer. “Why am I here? Who are you?” After a bit more coaxing, mostly about the harmlessness of Corbin, the woman lets her go. Sorami asks what she last remembered. The woman says that her companions and herself were travelling the worlds, though not the well-known ones. They had managed to get onto the Vau continent on Manitou, in search of very specialized assistance. Apparently both her mother, Lady Salandra Decados, and her suffer from the same malady.

When Corbin asks the house to identify any infectious diseases in the room, the computer shows one that is highly infectious to Vau and identifies it with a series of symbols. Sorami asks the Engineer to make a speaker system for her to communicate with Lavinia before she breaks her hand on the wall. As Sorami explains what has happened, Corbin tries to get the house to form a genetic lab. The two notice the crystal is beginning to reform around the Decados, so Corbin snatches a hunk of hair out of her scalp for genetic material. The house begins to flash red lights and announces attack is imminent. When Lavinia goes to Seath for explanation, he tells her that the attack will probably come from bombardment. She rushes back in to tell everyone to evacuate with anything they value.

Everyone piles into the Vau hover-tank, and Alex get the quickie course on how to pilot it. Good luck with that! It’s not especially comfortable, but Alex is able to make the tank speed in the direction indicated. The group begins to talk about how to get out of this situation: 1. steal Vau ship and leave without the rest of crew, 2. go back to ship and be outgunned and outpaced, 3. raise the white flag and speak. Lavinia for once chooses to speak peace and mutual help for Vau and human. She waits for a reply to her pleas. The Mandarin is upset at Seath’s coercion, at the danger this Decados poses. Lavinia continues to speak peace and love for the Vau and asks them to allow the humans to help them. Finally, the Mandarin asks for the group to return to the city.

The group is directed to a certain part of the city. Lavinia disembarks and lays down all her weapons and stands with her hands to her sides. The Mandarin they spoke to approaches. He agrees to allow them access to the information on this disease. The Mandarin turns to Seath and says he has much to answer for. Lavinia squares herself up and tells the Vau that he is her friend and ally and that she will stand with him. The Vau warns of bodily harm, and a possible breach in peace. She announces that her harm will not breach peace. The Phoenix Guard step forward as well.

Corbin and Sorami Sun cooperate to analyze the information on the data crystal provided. Corbin sees a pretty common Gene Engineer signature in her code. With this information, Sorami looks at the genetic code. Having a better understanding of human physiology, the Sister is certain she can isolate and treat the two diseases, the one introduced by the Engineers and the other that is more natural. She informs the Vau that she would be able to help with proper facilities. Being told this, the Mandarin says that he will show them to the facilities.

Alex, Sorami, and Corbin go to the Vau medical rooms, finding a group of wide-eyed Mandarins impressed by the Humans’ insight in the problem. The Sister’s attempts at explaining the problem has caused a bit of confusion. The Mandarin’s seem to have no clue as to what to do. Finally, she is able to get her ideas across to the Vau scientists. So they isolate the Decados and bombard her with an unknown radiation that removes all of the genetic anomalies. After a couple of days of observation, they rule her no longer catching and release her to Lady Lavinia.



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