Fading Suns: Empire Divided

As the Ship Turns (cue soap opera music)

Enphear- Vau Space

Corbin goes to visit his new fascination: Alain. He asks her how she is dealing with being aboard a ship going to strange alien worlds. She seems to think it a blessing that she should be a part of it. He goes on to speak with her about his newly aware faith. The two continue to talk about the goings on in the ship and eventually he takes her back to Engineering to show her where and how he works. It soon becomes apparent that her loose clothing is a hazard around the machinery, so Corbin finds her a spare jumpsuit. They are having a good time until they meet a certain Junior Engineer, who has his front unzipped with his “happiness” shown to the world. Corbin intercepts him before he gets to Alain, threatening him with another Linsay encounter. With some more coercion and talk of Sorami Sun, Ryan finally goes off to clean the waste reclaimation units. Or is he?

Sir Alex has put a lot of effort into this date with Sarah, the thruster jockey. Wine and rearranging shifts with Master Lo, and yet she is still not there. Come to find out she has been selected for special engineering duties, that is the cleaning of waste units given to her by Ryan the Clueless Wonder. Alex goes down to Engineering to talk to Corbin and demand the meaning of this “special” duty. Corbin’s irritation grows as he suspects what has happened. Thus the Master Engineers time with the lovely Alain is over. Now time to go see what is going on.

Going into the crawlspaces of the waste processing unit, Corbin notices the smell coming from an open valve. He finds a distracted Ryan, who is staring at Sarah busily working on a leak that has sprung all over her. The Clueless Wonder finds this situation arousing and is getting off on it. Corbin excuses Sarah and tells Ryan that he was tasked with this duty. With a whine he tells him that she is always helps with the jobs in small areas. When the Master Engineer suggests that the Junior Engineer try anyway, he tells him it is a physical impossibility. When Jockey Whittle leaves, Corbin begins to criticize Ryan’s social interactions and his lack of judgement, revoking his ability to command starmen to perform any tasks for him.

At the top of the trap door, Alex sees a shit-covered Sarah crawling out. Master Lo hurries up as she is about to go get cleaned up and asks for her to mop up her footprints after her. She scurries away as Corbin comes out of the hole. While talking to Lo about Starman Whittle, Lord Graeme walks up, “What is this?!” Corbin states that it is waste and that Mr. Dunn will be taking care of all clean up. Graeme makes certain that Corbin will be able to take care of this, after all we do not want this distracting the captain.

When Sarah finally meets up with Alex, she is much cleaner and much better smelling. She explains how the whole system should have been locked down, that the spewing should never had happened. Apparently, Ryan had promised her a recommendation to the Engineering Guild, which Alex scoffs at. He suggests she should go to Ragnar and skip everyone else. When she informs him that the Master Engineer is kind of scary, Alex looks perplexed. The two have a small talk about they want in life, when Alex suddenly asks if she can steer a shuttle. This turns into her learning that he was never an ensign and was promoted to a Gunnery Officer without knowing how to do most of the things he should. Suspiciously she looks around him and asks what he is hiding. Grinning, he reaches behind and pulls out a bottle of wine. Wide eyed, “Where did you get that?” Strangely enough, the talk turns to Henrietta and her strangely fair book-keeping. They sit down to drink and talk and have a very good time with great conversation.

Sorami Sun is in the infirmary with Alain talking about a lot of things, but mostly Corbin. When she speaks about her time with him, she is smiling happily. Alain asks Sorami why men are so easily aroused. A bit surprised, Sorami asks who is she speaking of, not Corbin. Alain shakes her head and says he was very gallant, not to mention very interested in the Pancreator. When asked who, the Initiate backpedaled a bit and says maybe it was her fault. Finally, Sorami is able to get the story of Ryan out of her. Alain feels guilty and even comments that she promised the captain she would not use her gifts, which could have distracted him. The Sister tries to soothe Alain’s guilt as well as asking if maybe they should go to the captain about self-defense.

While Linsay is complaining about missing attire, there is a knock at Corbin’s door. Outside is Sister Sorami Sun. The discussion about Ryan begins. Both seem to be struggling how to correct this problems with the Junior Engineer. He has spent most of his life in a guild hall and may need some realignment. He is young and socially inept, and Sorami suggests some “Sunday schooling” for him. The conversation turns to his faith and his intention with Alain. Corbin seems uncertain of what he wants with her, telling Sorami that it will be up to her rather than him. “Let me ask a completely off topic question. What do you think of our new Decados passenger?” Corbin thinks a bit and states that he does not trust her. He is uncertain if she is a threat to the mission, or if it is just her nature.

Sorami leaves Corbin to visit with Gabby, assassin-nanny extraordinaire. She is supervising Brea’s reading time when the Sister visits. Sorami wishes to hire Gabby’s free-time out personally, which causes Brea to ask what exactly she needs her for. “Lady Lavinia says we should always be mindful of the needs of our smallfolk.” Gabby asks the child to go to the guardsmen and ask if they need help with anything. Brea brightens but worries her father will be unhappy. The Thana assures her that he is in conference with the captain and will be distracted. Sorami brings up lessons for Ryan. Gabby believes that he needs lessons in submission, that he enjoys punishing others and needs a taste of it as well. Sorami agrees, though a bit flushed at the idea. “Or we can wait until he makes the critical mistake of rubbing up against a certain Decados noble.” The subject soon enough turns to Lady Catherine. Gabby’s impression is that she is lost and lonely.

Next time on As the Ship Turns:
Seath goes to visit the sparring room and asks the NCO on duty, Max Foss, if he can join in on training…
Lavinia is spending a lot of time with her step-daughter and finding out how precocious she is, sometimes even outwitting her father. The two wake up together and talk about issues of Engineering reports and the crew. Eventually the conversation comes to Alex and who he may be having a relationship with. Graeme seeks to find out…



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