Fading Suns: Empire Divided

Away we go

The Vau facilitate the continued journey to Srega.

Here is the GM’s Plan of Action:
I would like to be able to use our next game session for some character development story arcs aboard the ship as the Vau are escorting you through the several jumps to Srega. The following session or two will be devoted to your Srega mission. What I’ll need from you is to brainstorm any kind of character-driven conversations/interactions you think your character might be involved in. Any objections??

And now for the story
After some debate and discussion it is agreed that the crew will provide the Vau with some details about the worlds they have visited among the Known Worlds. Each crew member may decide what kind of details they wish to give.

In exchange for this the Vau will refuel the ship and agree to provide a small escort ship to accompany the crew’s starship. This will open Jumpgates for and help to smooth out any potential diplomatic ripples the crew might encounter.

A Vau Mandarin is in charge of the escort vessel. His name is Dwelphut Numu Kel’Endi Vrehn Salamo. He has been sent from the Council of Worthies to ensure the success of the mission. He seems to be a friendly yet aloof being. He has informed Lady Lavinia that they will be taking the most direct route. He has warned that if the crew’s ship stray too far from his own vessel then there might be “unfortunate occurrences”.

Seath is okay with the terms and remains the crew’s steadfast protector and advocate. Alas, being only a soldier he lacks the authority that the Mandarins possess. Seath has promised to not allow any harm to come to the crew. Several of the ship’s crew look upon Seath favorably and consider him to be a friend.

The journey to Srega will take almost two weeks and will occur over 5 jumps from Ophear. Now that the ship is in Srega space there is much to decide. Who is going down to the planet’s surface? Will the shuttle be used? What equipment must be taken?

Dwelphut Numu has informed the crew that what you seek are in the vast ice caverns in the northern part of the planet. He has already communicated with the locals and has assured the crew there should be no problems. A local guide can be arranged if you so wish.



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