Fading Suns: Empire Divided

The Calm Before the Storm...

Vau Space

The flight to the destination planet will take around 12 days. On day four, Alex is on the bridge with Graeme and Lucky Liam. There are a lot of reports of a whole lot of nothing going on, from both the bored gunners and the comm officer. Liam comments that Sir Alex has been keeping Asya up a lot lately. Graeme looks at Alex and comments that he is interested in said information as well. Alex mutters that it would be a lot better if it were not for her scary uncle. “So where are we going anyway?” Graeme tells Alex that they are going to a world named Enfeer, and someone there will get us back on track. Their conversation runs the gamut of stories about the Vau to complaints about half crew on alert.

Brea comes up to the bridge and tells them that her roommate, Alex, had two visitors, hence why she is not asleep. The first did not give a message. The second, however, has a message for him. Brea bends over, smacks her bottom, “If you are good then you can bite this.” Graeme goes bright red and picks up his daughter, giving Alex the bridge. When Alex comments that she will know way too much by 10, Liam tells him to look at her as a mascot. Everyone, even the guardsmen, love the child. Graeme come back seething for the rest of the shift.

When he gets off shift, Alex first goes to pay a visit to Gabby, who is evidently in the sparring area. The two begin to talk about Brea, her studies as well as the difficulties curtailing her wanderings. A little later, the issue of Alex’s visitors comes to a head when Archer confronts the knight about the problem. Alex adeptly accepts his fault and tells him that he will fix this, then begins to ask Archer about dueling and shields. After talking to Archer and Gabby, Alex hides on the second level, avoiding top-side and a run in with Graeme.

Lavinia is getting ready to replace Graeme on the bridge, when he comes into their quarters. He seems to be in the same snit as earlier and grumbles to his wife about the Decados and Gabby and Alex. Playing her part as sympathetic and more sane partner, she suggests that when he is on the bridge that Brea can stay in their quarters. Lavinia would not mind her in the bed with her during that time, or she will spend her time in the drawing room doing work otherwise. This seems to calm him a bit and she move out to the bridge to give him some peace.

Sorami Sun and Alaine are bored. Sorami is teaching her a different view of penance, one that come from a more Almathean point of view. As some point, Alaine brings up the subject of Holy Terra. Later, the noviate and sister approach Lavinia on the bridge. Apparently, Alaine had an idea to tour around the ship and bring snacks, coffee, and water to the crew. Lavinia smiles at this idea, believing it will be good for morale. The two scrounge around the galley for cheese, crackers, biscuits, etc and begin to move around the ship. This seems to be a big hit with the crew, having something to disrupt the boredom.

Finally, the two enter the Engineering Bay, and Corbin looks around to make sure no one is doing something stupid. Linsey is currently plugged into a console; Ryan is looking at smut magazines and pleasuring himself at his station. Corbin pushes the alert button which Linsey sees, but Ryan does not. When Alaine turns a bright pink, Sorami becomes suspicious, prompting Corbin to hurry over to Ryan and smack him in the back of the head. When Sorami asks what is wrong, Alaine mutters something that only confuses the sister. Ryan only continues to be creepy and embarrassing, causing Corbin to seek Linsey’s assistance in removing him. The two move off to the tool room, where a few sounds of pain emanate. Linsey comes out with a pair of Engineer coveralls, not her own. Later she tells Corbin that she clamped the problem.

Later, Corbin goes to MedBay to talk to Alaine. He also informs Sorami Sun that Ryan has injured himself in a rather awkward way. She grabs her kit to attend to the young Engineer. Corbin goes back to see Alaine doing inventory, catching her attention with a knock. He apologizes for Ryan’s behavior. He asks that if she has some free time in the future that they could talk more about the Pancreator and other topics. Meanwhile, Sorami asks where Ryan is, and Linsey shows her to the room and warns her that he is naked. When Sister Sun wakes him, Ryan accuses Linsey, the barbarian, of clamping his “conduit” and inserting an object up his “chute.” She injects him with painkillers and commences to treat him. After he is treated, she sends him back to quarters and goes to confront Linsey. The explanation seems to calm the Sister a bit, and Sorami believes that Ryan should attend confession. When Sorami returns, she sees Corbin talking to Alaine, who seems much more at ease.

A few days later, Alex comes back from a duty shift into his rooms, showers, and begins to relax when there is a knock on the door. Outside is Sarah. Alex invites her inside, trying to come up with a conversation. “So do you like me or are you trying to avoid me?” Alex is a bit flabbergasted and tells her he is mostly trying to stay off of Graeme’s grid. He makes a few mistakes in speaking to her, insinuates that he is also with Ensign Decados. When asked why, was she boring? is he just having fun?, he tells her he is looking for the right woman. Sarah tells him about what it is like to be female on a starship, about being used as a bed warmer, but she had thought he wanted her for more than that. This seems to make Alex very uncomfortable and apologizes for misleading her. She asks him to make up his mind and tell her his choice. As they are talking more amiably, Brea and Gabby enter. Gabrielle asks for the girl to get her bags packed to go visit her father and step-mother’s quarters. She sends the child ahead of her to talk to Alex. Gabby asks for him to keep the mess down, since it seems to drive Brea a bit crazy. Once Sarah leaves, he begins to kick himself.



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