Alain Rosby

A timid Novitiate of the Orthodoxy who suffered at the hands of pirates.


Species: Human
Home world: Holy Terra
Allegiance: Urth Orthodoxy
Rank: Novitiate

Height: 5’ 2"
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Pale Red
Eyes: Blue
Age: 18
- Her skin is exceptionally pale, almost like she is a corpse. She is covered with the scars of many lashes and other tortures.

Notable Attributes:
- Wits: 5+
- Introvert: 5+
- Faith: 5+

Notable Skills:
- Academia
- Speak and Read: Latin
- Focus
- Lore: Theology and Folk Lore


Sister Alain hails from the continent of Europe on Holy Terra. She was given to a monastery at the age of 10 and was educated there. She was sent off-world with her abbess and several other sisters on a mission to Grail. While on the journey the abbess died and the sisters had no otherPenitent means or authority to use to protect themselves. The disreputable ship’s captain sold the lot of them to the Chainers. The Chainers then sold the sisters to various different buyers who wanted to have their own private nuns.

Alain was sold to the notorious Obun pirate Rindin Alsin. This dark soul spent many days trying to torture her into renouncing her faith. He also allowed his crew to torment her in various unsavory ways.

Alain Rosby

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