Archer Riggsby

A Phoenix Guardsman veteran of many campaigns and haunted by his past.


Species: Human
Homeworld: Ravenna
Alliances: The Empire/Sister Sorami Sun
Military Rank: General (former Master Sergeant)

Height: 6’ 8"
Weight: 265 Lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: mid 30’s
- He has some scar tissue in places from previous injuries. He also has the Imperial brand for Cowardice on his neck.

Notable Attributes:
- Strength: 7+
- Dexterity: 6+
- Endurance: 6+

Notable Skills:
- Shoot
- Vigour
- Fight (Trained in Iron Heel)


Archer’s tale is one of woe. He grew up a happy boy on Ravenna in a small country village. There he tended cattle and played rushball. He decided he wanted to see the Known Worlds so he enlisted in the Imperial Military. Due to his physical abilities and his ability to learn tech quickly he was selected for special heavy infantry training. Soon, he found himself in the elite Phoenix Guard.

There he served with distinction throughout many campaigns and even doing simple bodyguard duty. It was on Stigmata that things went wrong for him. His unit was killed all except for him. He survived though he had lost his arm. His survival was considered suspect and some officer decided he must have ran so they branded him for a coward and cast him out. Then an Avestite deemed him unworthy and turned a flamegun on him. His body was covered with burns due to this.

Archer spent soem time wondering before he found himself on BII. He was in the slums and living there. He noticed that a pretty young Almathean was being attack and sprang into action. He saved the life of Sister Sorami Sun.

Sorami has worked tirelessly to heal this once powerful and proud man. She hasworked on the scars of his body so we would appear less like a monster. She even found a treatment to have his arm regrown. She has begun to work on his mind and soul as well.

Archer has been reninstated to the Phoenix Guard and is detached to look after Lady Lavinia Imelda Bersandra. That being said his primary concern is the well-being and safety of his healing angel, Sister Sorami.

Upon the return from Vau space, Archer was deemed to be a hero once more. He was awarded great military honors and promoted to the rank of General by Alexius. Archer had some serious issues in being given a commission to such a high rank. He was then given a Legion to command of his very own. It was to be based on Tethys.

Archer spent the next four years being in charge of his legion. He ran it well but really did not have his heart in it. Archer retires from military service and begins to collect his pension while living on a little farm on Tethys. He then decided to travel again and went to visit some of his old friends. He visited Lavinia, Graeme, and Sorami.

He spent several months in Sorami’s company helping her in an attempt to find a cure for Husk Plague. He was then recalled by his Emperor to serve once more. It was time for him to return to war. Archer left Sorami with the promise to go and do what was best for the Known Worlds.

In 5034, Archer went to his Emperor’s aid and was given Brigade of soldiers to command. Archer always leads from the front and he was doing just that when he and his troopers discovered an orphanage that was about to be overrun by Husks. Archer knew that his men where not as well-equipped or as experienced as he. so he ordered them to evacuate the children and see them to safety.

Archer fought over a thousand of the damned Husks. He fought like he had never fought before while his men took all of the children and wounded civilians away from there. His last command while he was being overrun was to call an artillery strike on top of himself with incendiary munitions.

Archer Riggsby died how he lived, as a hero in battle, giving himself to a grander cause.

Archer Riggsby

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