Count Dimitri Tsarivich Decados

An older man of mystery and intrigue with a wicked swordarm.


Species: Human
Homeworld: Cadiz
Alliances: House Decados and the Empire
Rank: Count

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight:170 lbs.
Hair: Black now Gray
Eyes: Gray
Age: 60+

Notable Characteristics:
- Dexterity: 5+
- Wits: 7+
- Extrovert: 4+
- Perception: 7+

Notable Skills:
- Charm
- Impress
- Melee
- Inquiry
- Search
- Torture
- Knavery
- Disquise


Count Dimitri is a shadowy sort with an interesting set of alliances. He is a long serving member of the Company of the Phoenix and has one of the originial rings to show for it. He is a strong supporter of Emperor and works to increase the power and prestige of the Empire in his own way.

Count Dimitri has taken an interest in Sir Alexander Danaher and has provided him much assistance in the past. He has an interesting way of showing up. He also has a tendency to find trouble as well.

The Count is a friendly sort if a touch dark. He is a master fencer and knows techniques from far and wide. He also has a fondness for singing. He actually has quite the lovely voice…

Count Dimitri Tsarivich Decados

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