Dame Aliza Xanthippe

Rebellious Xanthippe noblewoman


Species: Human
Homeworld: Delphi Moonbase
Alliance: Order of St. Yara/House Xanthippe
Noble Station: Knight

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Coppery Red
Eyes: Green
Age: 24
- Considered to be incredibly beautiful and elegant.

Notable Attributes:
- Dexterity
- Passion
- Extrovert

Notable Skills:
- Torero Fencing
- Impress
- Etiquette
- Dancing
- Twisting Graeme into knots…


Aliza wanted nothing more than to get off that blasted moonbase. She wanted to have fresh air and adventures. She began to research how to have a better life. The Measure held little interest for her. All she wanted was her freedom from the matriarchy. At 15 she began to research different rumors using the Xanthippe information network.

She came across information about a certain young Hawkwood lord, Graeme Hawkwood. He was single and according to rumors his familt was searching for a bride for him. He also lived on a comfortable fief on Gwynneth. Plus, Hawkwoods are always adventurous. All she would need to do is marry him and have his child.

Aliza wrote to his family posing as her own grandmother and proposed a meeting and a match. She was willing to go against teaching of her house and marry an outsider. She met Graeme and decided he was funny and sweet. She liked him. She offered herself to the family and they accepted. She even was bringing along 100 cases of wine from the moonbase. All of this was done in secret.

Aliza married Graeme without consulting her superiors and left the moonbase. This was all very exciting for the 16 year old girl. She moved to Gwynneth and started her life there. Graeme was wonderful in the beginning. He was the perfect dotting husband. Within two year she had given birth to Brea Xanthippe Hawkwood. Graeme was so happy.

Then things changed. Graeme went off to war. Aliza became bored with her quiet country life. She had wanted to go with Graeme but he was adamantly against her possibly losing her life. Aliza resented that.

When Graeme had returned Aliza had decided that she needed a divorce because of how different her husband had become. He was not the same man she had married. Aliza started to think of him as broken and useless.

She took Brea and went to a moonbase after Graeme had agreed to the divorce. She had refused to allow Graeme to see his precious daughter. Lady Lavinia Imelda Bursandra and friends intervened.

It came to be discovered the Aliza had been involved in some illicit dealings. She was given a choice of either serving the Almatheans or going to prison. Now she is a member of the Order of St. Yara and protects Brother Ramon Wickliffe, Deacon of Sanctuary Aeon.

Dame Aliza Xanthippe

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