Lady Lavinia Imelda Bursandra

Short, firey combat veteran and noble woman.


Species: Human
Homeworld Vera Cruz
Alliances: Imperial/Hazat
Noble Rank: Marquessa

Height: 4’ 10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright Yellow
Age: 39

Noble Possessions:
- Fiefs on Vera Cruz, Twilight, and Malignatius

Notable Attributes:
- Strength: 5+
- Dexterity: 5+
- Stamina: 7+

Notable Skills:
- Melee
- Shoot
- Vigour
- Leadership


Lavinia was born to a minor noble line on Vera Cruz. She trained as a soldier and military commander. She served both house and Empire with distinction on many battlefields including the worlds of Stigmata and Hira. She has found a life of adventure and now is an Imperial noble Marquessa in command of a warship. Named Marquessa by Prince Caelius Hawkwood, she has been given charge of a mission to save the Empire.

Lavinia married her long-time friend Lord Graeme Hawkwood. Their marriage has been an adventure unto itself. Along with Graeme’s daughter Brea Xanthippe Hawkwood, the couple have had two children of their own.

After her return from Vau space, Lavinia and family returned to Vera Cruz to her holdings there. After this they went o Malignatius to solidify her holdings there and establish the Imperial fort she has been tasked with establishing. This was not an easy set of tasks.

From time to time, Lavinia and Graeme travel to their different holding and also to Byzantium II. Neither of them delight in the courtly light but it seems a necessary part of life for nobles of their fame and fortunes.

More to come…

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Oh, how her fortunes have changed…

Lady Lavinia Imelda Bursandra

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