Sir Max Foss

Shy yet intense Phoenix Guard Scout/Sniper


Species: Human
Homeworld: Rampart
Alliance: Imperial Phoenix Guard
Rank: Colonel
Noble Title: Knight

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Age: 45

Notable Attributes:
- Dexterity
- Perception
- Tech

Notable Skills:
- Observe
- Shoot
- Sneak
- Vigor


Maxwell Logan Foss grew up as the son of factory workers in Parlsburg on Rampart. His parents and older brother slaved away in the factory night and day making chemicals. He watched as his parents’ health declined as a child until they finally passed away in pain within months of each other when he was 13. His older brother stepped in to take care of him but it was not long before Max found his own path.

Max had crept aboard a transport leaving Parlsburg when he was 14. He soon founds himself in Avaneir at the spaceport. Having no money and no other plan he found the first job he could get his hands on. He volunteered for the Li Halan Army. After given a marksmanship test it was determined he should become a Sniper in a Shadow Commando Regiment. There he served for 10 years.
Sniper by tin reaper d5845vl
Over time he became rather disgruntled by the constant holier-than-thou attitudes of many Li Halan. Thus, after leaving Li Halan service he pursued service with the Empire. After all, the Empire was the future…

Due to his training, his record, and technical familiarity, Max managed to find himself in the elite Phoenix Guard after 3 years of Imperial service on Kurga fighting barbarians.

Being in the Guard was a dream come true. He loved the life and the sense of duty he got from serving the Emperor directly. Then the crisis with the Emperor struck. The Royal Twins were causing a civil war. Max’s unit was splitting up along brotherly allegiances. Max tried in vain to remain above the fray but became a victim of the politics. He was being relieved of duty and cast out.

Colonel Vance Neuman came to his aid. The Colonel was in charge of an Imperial Army training facility on Tethys. He recruited Max into his command as a marksmanship instructor. Max took the job but always wanted back into the Guard. Then Archer Riggsby arrived with an offer of a secret mission. Redemption had arrived…

Sir Max Foss

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