Sarah Whittle

Petite, Popular, and Cute as hell Thruster Jockey turned Engineer


Species: Human
Homeworld: Delphi
Alliance: Imperial/Hawkwood/Engineers
Rank: Able Starman
Guild Rank: Entered

Height: 5’ 1"
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 26
- She has a Jumpgate tattoo around her navel.

Notable Attributes:
- Dexterity: 6+
- Tech: 5+
- Wits: 5+

Notable Skills:
- Drive Spacecraft
- Tech Redemption (mech)
- Think Machine
- Science (sensors)


Sarah is from the city of Veet on Delphi. Her family are all miners employed by the Muster. She did not want to end up in the mines so at the age of 14, she lied about her age and enlisted in the Imperial Star Navy. Being very nimble and having no fear of small spaces came in handy for her as she was shoved off into a thruster bay. Her attractive appearance has made her very popular among the male members of the crew. She has no lack of “protectors” and there have been a few fights over her affections.

Recently, Sarah has become involved with Sir Alexander Danaher. She has become smitten with him and is fascinated by how he has ended up a knight in the Emperor’s service. This has awakened in her dreams that she did know she possessed. Sir Alexander can help her but he seems to have become distracted by Asya Decados.

Now she seeks the chance to prove herself in order to earn advancement. She knows she can fly the shuttle or work on a variety of ship’s systems. She longs for the chance to go on off-ship missions. Perhaps one day she will become Bridge Crew.

Sarah finds her way to being apprenticed in the Supreme Order of Engineers. Corbin Ragnar oversees her training while on Byzantium II. During this time she and Sir Alexander Danaher kept in touch via letters. Sarah found herself busy in her studies. Corbin was quite pleased at her proficiency and her desire to master new areas of study.

Sarah continued to master her piloting skills as well. This would serve her well as part of her duties in the star yards was flying goods, supplies, and personal to where they were needed. She gained a greater level of confidence in herself and her abilities.

Sarah and Corbin actually became good friends. Corbin was very impressed with her abilities. She also found his company to be enjoyable. Some might have even thought that they were enjoying one-another’s company in a romantic sense. That has yet to be proven…

She and Alex are reunited and married. They spend almost a full year on a honeymoon. They had a great time together.

The new married couple find themselves under the employ of Brother Battle. Alex is to train Pilgrim operators and Sarah is being employed in the maintenance of these units. They moved to De Moley. There they got themselves a small house. While they both worked very hard they were very happy in their life together. They even spoke of beginning a family together. Then the Husk Plagues began.

Brother Battle was making ready to employ their new Pilgrims in this fight. Sarah and Alex found themselves going along on this crusade against the Husks. Alex fought alongside the Brothers. Sarah worked in base camps and flew support missions occasionally.

It was on the effort to defend Byzantium II that trouble found her. Alex had been in the field of battle for weeks. Sarah was called upon to fly a rescue mission. She brought her lander in low to make a pick-up of a stranded unit of troopers. Strangely there were problems. Her craft crashed and exploded.

Alex heard about this and went to the crash site with all possible haste. He searched and searched to no avail. There was no sign of her. Then things got bad for him…

Sarah Whittle

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