Vau warrior found shipwrecked.


Species: Vau
Full Name: Seath Tor’vinn
Caste: Soldier
Rank: Khelee
Homeworld: Unknown

Gender: Unknown
Height: 7’ 8"
Weight: 390 Lbs
Skin: Gray-green
Eyes: Golden
Age: Unknown

Notable Attributes:
- Strength: 6+
- Dexterity: 6+

Notable Skills:
- Fight
- Melee
- Shoot
- Impress
- Tech Redemption (High Tech)


Seath was found amid the wreckage of a Void Kracken attack which laid several Vau ships low. His unit lost and seeing the truth in the words of Lady Lavinia Imelda Bursandra and company he has agreed to help the Humans in their journey to save the Emperor. He seems honest and genuine but has used a ploy to distract other Vau by claiming that the ship and its crew are his prisoners. Perhaps they are and do not realize it…


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