Sir Sergio Keddah

Questing Knight of a minor house


Full Name: Sergio Amar Garcia Keddah
Alliance: Company of the Phoenix/House Keddah
Species: Human
Homeworld: Grail
Rank: Knight

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 175 Lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Age: late 30’s

Notable Attributes:
- Strength: 5+
- Dexterity: 5+

Notable Skills:
- Melee
- Shoot
- Sneak
- Impress
- Fencing Actions


Sergio was born to a minor branch of House Keddah on Grail. His father served loyally as a Keddah knight and his mother is a Charioteer pilot. He grew up near the Etyri and long respected them for their skills and unique ways. Sergio always felt a calling to the stars. He found his way into the apprenticeship of the Keddah Star Forces which protect Grail space.

He served for several years as an officer and then captain of a patrol vessel. He became quite good at finding pirates and Decados raiders. This influenced his tactics while aboard ship and would serve him well in later years.

Sergio realized that his career in the Keddah forces would be stunted due to his minor branch status. He still hungered for adventure. He made his was to Byzantium Secondus where he volunteered for service in the Imperial Star Navy. He was given command of an Imperial Raider and sent forth on recon missions. Soon he was noticed for his skills and encouraged to try for the Company of the Phoenix.

Sergio became inducted into the first class of the Company of the Phoenix after the awakening of Alexius. He served two tours with them until he heard about what was happening on Grail. He then returned home.

Thanks to Sister Sorami Sun the threat to the Etyri was abated. Sergio decided that he would help this strange healer in any way she required.

Sir Sergio Keddah

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