Tanahatsu-Kronig PLM-77 Pligrim

Second Republic era Power armor


Vehicle Type: Bipedal Humanoid ExoCombat Power Frame
Controls: Immersive Internal Manual Controls
Sensor Suite:
 Visual Systems: Daylight, IR/UV with 300x magnification and video recording.
 Audio Systems: External Audio Pick-up’s with audio recording and loud-speaker. Can provide rudimentary translation of most human spoken languages.
 Radar: Type X Phased Array Radar system with 10 km range.
GPS: Can make use of navigation satellite networks.
Communications: Phillips-Thompson CommLite Satt-Comm System
 VidComm Range: 75 km
 Can send directed signaled to objects in near orbit.
 Can make use of Type 5 Encryption on signals.
Combat Computer: DeVoss Extremis Battle AI
 Can integrate sensor feeds and track up to 90 targets.
 Indentifies Friend or Foe and remembers IFF signatures.
 Can assist driver with firing solutions and automated firing protocols.
 Can give tactical advice.
 Have choice of male or female avatar.
Power Plant: Luther-Watts TT83 Fusion Engine
Fuel: SafeHydro Gel Tanks
Speed: 90 km/h
Jumping: Can use a jet-assisted vertical leap of 20 meters.
Exo-atmospheric Rating: Yes
 MagPads in Feet
Armor: 24d
Energy Shields: Wahatjitsu Combat Shielding
 Has two shield modes:
 Mode 1: Shields Absorb 20 hits before needing 2 minutes of recharge time. This mode is meant to be used for standard movement and tactical operations. (10/20)
 Mode 2: Shields Absorb 50 hits before needing 2 minutes of recharge time. This mode is meant to be used for stationary combat and defensive operations. (5/25)
 Height: 14 ft 6 inches
 Weight: 6 tons
 Width: 8 feet
 Length: 6 feet, 10 inches
 Cargo: 500 pounds
Pilgrim chart


This suit of Power Armor was found under a monastery in a secret base. It has been analyzed by the SOE thanks to Corbin Ragnar and a suit is carred along and operated by Sir Alexander Danaher.

Tanahatsu-Kronig PLM-77 Pligrim

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