Tannerbaum DG35 Shuttle

Advanced tech cargo shuttle/landing craft


Grade: Lander (STOL)
Tech Level: 6
Crew: 2 (Pilot and Engineer)
Passengers: 16
Cargo: 4 tons
Supplies: 2 weeks

Speed: Fast
Maneuvering: +1
Range: 50 AU

Length: 18 meters
Width: 8 meters
Weight: 10 tons

Sensors: Laser Radar 3, Infrared 3
Shields: 2/2
Weapons: 2x Light Laser (mounted forward)
- +2 to Goal
- Damage: 2d
Vitality: -10/-6/-3/0/0/0/0


Tannerbaum Shuttle Systems designed a high performance cargo shuttle that doubles in a military landing craft capacity. Given the fact that it can carry several fully equiped troopers, has shielding, has integral weapons, can operate at extended ranges, and has good speed in flight, this craft might just be the go-to for military and merchant league capital ship shuttles.

Tannerbaum DG35 Shuttle

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