Starship Information

You will find information pertaining to the party’s warship here as well as in items.

Main Deck
Lower Deck/Legend

Bridge Crew
 Captain: Lady Lavinia Imelda Bersandra
 XO: Lord Graeme Hawkwood
 Gunnery Officer: Sir Alexander Danaher
 Sensor/Communications: Mate Geoffrey Hemmings – Engineer guild cast-off
 Master of the Ship: Lo Wang
 Master Pilot: Liam the Lucky – Scraver smuggler/starship pilot
 Co-pilot/Navigator: Asya Decados

 Master Marine: Archer RiggsbyMIA
 Sergeant Radha Kirchoff – Tough Phoenix Guardsman with love of demolitions work
 Sergeant Max Foss – Phoenix Guardsman sniper/scout type
 Corporal Douglas Fairbanks – Phoenix Guardsman tanker/pilot
 Corporal Bill Hakatsu – Phoenix Guardsman ex-space marine
PFC Lilith Madsen – Phoenix Guardsman ex-space marine/communications expert
PFC Nigel Cross – Phoenix Guardsman former marauder
PFC Carlyle Justinian – Phoenix Guardsman fencing specialist
PFC Korina Valaslav – Phoenix Guardsman chem/bio specialist/medic

 Master Engineer: Corbin Ragnar
 Assistant Engineer: Linsey Fletcher
 Assistant Engineer: Taylor White – Entered Xenotech Scientist
 Assistant Engineer: Ethlyn Wyndham – Hawkwood psyche psychic/starship engineer
Assistant Engineer: Ryan Dunn – Apprentice starship Engineer on his third cruise… KISurgery

 Master Gunner: Aiden Crandle – Laconic Imperial Star Navy Gunner/Forward EM Blaster MIA
 Mate Jared Wentt – Former Hawkwood Star Navy/Port Blaster Gunner
 Mate Harry Wu – Former Li Halan Star Navy/Starboard Blaster Gunner
 Able Starman Cameron Griggs – Imp. Star Navy/Port Grapple Gunner
 Able Starman Brian Wilkensen – Imp. Star Navy/Port Blaster Gunner
 Able Starman Pablo Escaveda – ex Hazat Star Navy/Port Blaster Gunner
 Able Starman Maria Cortez – ex Hazat Star Navy/Starboard Blaster Gunner
 Able Starman Adam Curry – Imp. Star Navy/Starboard Grapple Gunner
 Able Starman Salah il Hamid – ex Kurgan Star Navy/Starboard Blaster Gunner

Thruster Technicians
 Mate Mordakai Solomon – Colorful guy and great cook.
 Mate Armin Korsky – ex Decados Star Navy, loyal Imp. Star Navy tech-type
 Able Starman Sarah Whittle – Spunky, petite, popular Thruster Tech
 Able Starman Oscar Francisco – ex Hazat Star Navy MIA
 Able Starman Ferdinand Biloxsi – Soft-spoken, bookish sailor.
 Able Starman Pietro Alvarde – Pretty young man with a goal on Bridge Crew MIA

Starship Information

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