Corbin Ragnar

Dashing, adventureous Engineer


Species: Human
Homeworld: Leagueheim
Alliance: Supreme Order of Engineers
Engineer Rank: Crafter

Height:5’ 10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Bright Red
Eyes: Pale Blue
Age: 37

Notable Attributes:
- Wits: 7+
- Tech: 6+
- Perception: 5+

Notable Skills:
- Fencing
- Tech Redemption (high tech, volt, and mech)
- Think Machine


87px icons guild engineersCorbin was once an academic among Engineers as he was an Assistant Professor in an Engineering Academy.

Corbin went on to do great things and explore unknown worlds. These travels have left their mark upon him, body and soul. The Pancreator changed Corbin’s life and he moves more toward an enlightened state.

Corbin works in the Imperial Palace as he manages the palace’s various high tech systems and defenses. It is an important job and quite lucrative. He also finds time to study in the Emperor’s personal library.

Corbin has finally found his way toward some sense of happiness in the company of Alain Rosby. The two have been married and live in happiness. Their’s is an unusual household…

As events have transpired on Byzantium II, Corbin has been drawn into them and shaped by them. Now, as troubles begin to multiply once more, Corbin feels the need to go forth and act for the greater good of humanity.

Corbin Ragnar

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