Gabrielle Thana

An angelic beauty with a tragic past and hidden talents.


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Byzamtium Secondus
Alliance: Muster
Guild Rank: Sergeant

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 120 Lbs
Hair: White (almost translucent)
Eyes: Violet
Age: 31

Notable Attributes:
- Dexterity: 6+
- Perception: 5+
- Extrovert: 5+

Notable Skills:
- Charm
- Melee
- Sneak
- Disguise
- Knavery


Born into a minor noble family and sold into service with the Courteaseans, Gabrielle has had a tragic life. Then she became the instrument of an assassination plot. She had been crafterd into a living weapon. During this process there had been foul things done to her body, mind, and soul. Sister Sorami Sun has worked tireless to repair the damage and help her seek some normalcy. She is under the protection of Lady Lavinia Imelda Bersandra and in the lady’s service as well. She has also become close with Sir Alexander Danaher only to be passed over for Sarah Whittle.

Gabrielle served as the personal tutor/governess for Brea Xanthippe Hawkwood during the long journey into Vau space. The young lady learned much from Gabrielle.

After the Emperor’s Awakening, Gabrielle took her wages and retired for a time to Rampart. There she sat for two years seemingly disappeared to the Known Worlds.

Suddenly, she reappeared in the service of the Muster as a bounty hunter, one of the elite Ashtati. She sought out Linsey Fletcher as a partner. The two began to work together. They were quite successful in the business together. They brought in many rogue nobles, clergy, and more than a few guilders in their time together.

Between the Husk Wars and the Kurgan crisis Gabrielle and Lindsey stay quite busy until they both disappear from the Known Worlds in 5035, they are assumed to be dead.

Rumors indicate they have been seen on Criticorum only a month ago.

Gabrielle Thana

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