Sister Sorami Sun

Kind, gentle Almathean healer and theurgist.


Species: Human
Homeworld: Midian
Alliance: Sanctuary Aeon
Ordained Rank: Deconess

Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 120 Lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 37
Stigma: Glowing hands when powers are used. Nose bleeds can also occur.

Notable Attributes:
- Extrovert: 5+
- Wits: 5+
- Dexterity: 5+

Notable Skills:
- Charm: 6+
- Remedy
- Physick
- Sciences


Sister Sun was born to humble circumstances but seems to have been chosen by the Pancreator to act as his healing hands. She is a very talented healer and has worked to cure plagues and even115px sanctuary aeon regrow limbs. Those that have come under her care have found a great deal of loyalty to her. Now, she travels the stars with Lady Lavinia Imelda Bersandra as part of her entourage and as her Confessor.

After being the healer to awaken Emperor Alexius, Sister Sun went quietly on her way despite the many offers of greatness given to her. Her travels with Alain Rosby in search of knowledge and fulfillment will take them to many worlds. Together they will begin to uncover mysteries and cure many ills.

During the Husk Wars, Sister Sun begins to understand that not all illnesses can be cured using conventional medicine. Some must be cured with strength. After the loss of her dear friend, Archer Riggsby, she undergoes a period of almost vengeance against the foe.

She feels called into action once more as things in the Known Worlds begin to turn dark once more.

The Pancreator seems full of surprise for Sister Sun…

Sister Sorami Sun

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