Fencing Forms

Fechten mit vader en380I finally acquired a copy of the Fading Suns Revised Edition. There were many changes in there. One of these changes was the introduction of certain Schools of Fencing. I am adapting these schools to our game.

In order to learn one of these schools, one must study under a master who knows the style and pay 5 xp. This grants the style’s advantages. Among these advantages are Actions that one can purchase at 1 xp less.

This style, currently popular among the Imperial Questing Knights and Li Halan nobility focuses on fighting with a pair of weapons. The typical approach is for the person to use a larger sword in the main hand with a smaller blade in the off-hand. This style is typically more aggressive but the use of two weapons gives a certain defensive advantage.

  • Woven Steel: The stylist does not suffer off-hand penalties while in this stance. The stance also provides a -1 to opponent’s goals for melee and unarmed attacks.
  • Maneuvers: Off-Hand, Wall of Steel, Florentine, and Double Strike.

Kraxi Knife Fighting
This Ur Ukar style focuses on using smaller blades such a knives, daggers, dirks, and kraxi on quick, dirty moves designed to finish a fight quickly. Fast and brutal it capitalizes on using hidden blades and brutality over style and finesse. This style has become popular among Scravers. For more information on this see p. 72-73 in Aliens and Deviltry.

  • Focused Rage: When using a Small or Medium bladed weapon, the Kraxi fighter gains +1d Damage with those weapons.
  • Maneuvers: Thrust, Pierce, Ukmor’s Grasp, Sukara’s Sweep, and Bartha

This style may seem obtuse and less than subtle but that would be a mistake. Kriegar is the style for warriors who wish to wield two-handed swords and bastard swords. It is a stlye that many a Brother Battle warrior-monk prefers.

  • War Form: This stance grants the stylist the ability to smash through defenses more easily. The stylist imparts a -2 penalty to an opponent’s armor defense rating.
  • Maneuvers: Slash, Flat of Blade, Sweeping Strike, and Mighty Strike
  • Sweeping Strike: Level 5, Roll: Dex + Melee, Initiative: -2, Goal: -1. Effect: Treat attack like a Martial Throw. If successful, roll Dex + Melee + VP vs. target’s Str + Vigor, if successful, opponent is knocked down.
  • Mighty Strike: Level: 7, Roll: Dex + Melee, Initiative: -2, Goal: up to -3, Damage: up to +3d. The stylist is able to focus his attack into a brutal swing. He can arrange to have 1-3 bonus damage dice but taking the same penalty on ALL his Goals for the round.

Oaken Fortress
Some styles are all about flash, some are about brutality. This is about fighting with a shield and a melee weapon. It is easily the most defensive of the forms. This is a favorite of Vuldrok raiders and any warrior who relies on a shield for protection in battle.

  • Shield Wall: When using a shield, the stylist imposes -1 goal penalty to his opponent for melee or unarmed attacks. Also the stylist is free from off-hand penalities for using his/her shield.
  • Maneuvers: Shield Parry, Shield Attack, Attack & Parry, and Compound Attack

This weaving style features complex movements. This has made it popular among the higher mobility as both a form of defense and a performance art. This style accentuates movement in combat and patience in striking. Masters of this style can spend minutes dancing and weaving through complex movements before even drawing even drawing a sword. The current champion of this style is Baroness Mareena de Corazon of the Hazat.
Note: It is highly encouraged for practitioners of this style to have skill in Performance (Dance).

  • Weaving Fangs: Serpentis is a fluid style with subtle movements and complex footwork. The stylist does not suffer the -2 movement penalty during combat as others do. They stylist also gains a +2 Initiative bonus.
  • Maneuvers: Fancy Footwork, Draw & Strike, Compound Attack, Feint, and Stop Thrust

This style claims that it takes its whirling cloak movements from ancient beast fighting sports of Holy Terra. This style is very popular among nobles who want to deadly and yet, compete in high fashion. They will use elaborate cloaks and costumes to enhance their performance as swordsmen. Almost no freeman or serfs learn this style as nobles refuse to teach it to them.
*Faena: Torero stylists use their cloaks to distract opponents and redirect attacks. The style emphasizes large dramatic movements and sweeps of the cloak along with contouring the body to avoid being hit. The stylist is granted a +2 to goal for any Dodge attempts made while in this stance. They are also considered to have a +1 to Goal on all Parry attempts.

  • Maneuvers: Counter Parry, Fancy Footwork, Disarm, and Cloak.

Fencing Forms

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