Martial Arts Schools

This contain information much like the fencing Schools for other forms of hand-to-hand combat. The current advantages listed in the Fading Suns, 2nd Edition material for learning these various martial arts styles all still apply. In addition there is also a signature stance that has been adapted from the new Fading Suns, Revised Edition as well.

To learn a martial art form, the player spends 5 xp or Extra Points to gain the advantages of the form.

Martial arts

This Hironem warrior-caste martial art can be found detailed in the Orphaned Races book on p. 87-88. This is taught to only the warrior-caste of the Hironem race. Others learning it would be very rare.
*Recentering: The martial artist may take an action to Recenter himself. Doing so will allow him to act on his next round with a +2 to Initiative and a +1 to Goals.
*Purchasing: All actions listed in the Orphaned Races book on p. 87-88 are learned at -1 cost.

Bharata zho Veda
This esoteric internal martial art is described on p. 79 in the Priests side of Lords and Priests. There are also specialty maneuvers listed there. The current purchasing advantages are unchanged.
*The Philosopher’s Way: In this stance the martial artist is granted the advantage of being able to do +1d of damage to all attacks due to the channeling of internal energies. Also, for some unknown reason, these martial artists are able to go under an energy shield’s rating more easily. The lower rating for all shields is increased by 1.

Chun Wu
This highly athletic martial art hails from Li Halan space. It features aggressive, athletic attacks some of which involve tumbling in mid-air. It is highly popular among the athletic nobles and many a peasant as well. There are many different sub-varieties of this form and thus many masters. If Chun Wu, has a weakness it is its lack of grapples, holds, and throws.
*Wu Stance: This stance enables the martial artist to move easily and removes the -2 movement penalty for moving while fighting. Also, all Vigor and Acrobatics rolls are considered to have a +1 to Goal.
*Maneuvers: All Chun Wu practitioners may purchase any Kick or Fist actions at -1 but all Grapples, Holds, and Throws are at +2.

This Vorox-specific art form is devastating to its foes. The extra limbs of a Vorox impart clear advantages. More can be learned about this form from the Vorox book p. 78-83.
*Gripping Hands: The Vorox may use his extra limbs to give him aid in any Grapple, Hold, or Throw actions granting him a +2 to Goal for those actions.
*Purchasing: Any Martial Arts Actions listed in the Vorox book as well as the ones listed in the main FS book are to be purchased at -1 cost.

Iron Heel
This form originated with the Muster but has quickly begun to spread to professional soldiers throughout the Known Worlds. It is detailed on p. 179 of the FS main book. All current advantages and disadvantages remain the same.
*Beatdown Stance: The martial artists is considered to be an expert on all Holds and Grapples. Therefore, he inflicts +2d Damage when using any Hold or Grapple. He also receives a +1 to Goal to defend against any Grapples or Holds.

Jox Kai Von
This brutal, down-and-dirty martial art form originates with the Ur Ukar. Many Decaods nobles find the form interesting and pursue it as well. Details for its advantages and disadvantages are to be found on p. 179 of the FS main book. See also Aliens and Deviltry p. 72-73 for more specialized rules.
*Jox Stance: Whenever the Jox Boxer has successfully made an attack, that attack is considered to +1 Damage not +1d.
*Purchasing: Any Maneuvers found in Aliens and Deviltry made be learned at -1 cost.

This flamboyant art focuses on esoteric trickery to confuse foes. More details can be learned from the FS main book p. 178.
*Koto Stance: When the martial artist is engaged in this stance he is more apt to hit his foe due to his trickery and misdirection. All attacks he makes are at +1 to Goal. Furthermore, his Confuse Foe attempts have a +2 to Goal.
*Purchasing: The following maneuvers may be learned at a -1 advantage: Confuse Foe, Disengage, Disarm, Trip Kick, and Slide Kick.

This martial art comes from the Forms of War within the Brother Battle order. It is never taught to outsiders and is a closely guarded secret amongst the Brotherhood. All current purchasing advantages remain the same.
*Soldier’s Stance: This stance makes the Brother much more resistant to Grapples, Holds, Throws, and knock-down attempts. The Brother has a +4 to Goal bonus against such attacks.
*Additional Mantok Maneuvers are listed below.
A collection of Montok martial arts maneuvers

-Raise Arm, Sword of Faith (Level 3, Dex + Fight, -2 Goal, 4 Damage, -1 initiative): A forearm blow to the opponent’s midsection.

-Lift Arms, Greet the Prophet (Level 4, Dex + Fight, -1 Goal, 6 Damage, -4 initiative): Cupped palms smack against the ears; this, in turn, is complimented by a drop to the ground by the attacker, who strikes the defender’s legs out from under him, moving the assailant to the ground. The name of the maneuver comes from the “kiss” and “kneel” movements.

-Raised Palm, Points of Star (Level 6-7, Per + Fight [Wits + Stoic Mind complimentary roll at Lvl 7]): Mantok disciples learn how to control their actions and motions, and this “maneuver” reflects this. It is a combat stance which allows the disciple unequivocal speed and quickness in combat; for all combat actions, initiative is increased by 1 for every victory point scored on the goal roll. At level 7, a complimentary roll can be given.

-Turn Body, Blind with Faith (Level 8, Dex + Fight, -2/* Goal, +2/* Damage, -2/* Initiative; Martial Kick, Feint Prerequisite): A complicated series of kicks and feints designed to confuse and “blind” the defender. The first part of the maneuver is designed to be blatant; the second kick subtle, striking with supreme speed and power through defenses. As the first part of the maneuver is begun (normal attack roll), he also must roll Per + Fight; the number of victory points achieved on this roll can be applied as successes to Initiative, as successes to contest parries and dodges, or as successes to damage or accuracy, or any combination of the four, for the second kick (for example, Brother Leopold, utilizing this maneuver, rolls his Per + Fight (goal of 16); he rolls a 15, yielding 5 victory points. He applies 1 to initiative (garnering a +1 initiative), 2 to contest parries/dodges, and 2 to damage). Damage modifiers are in addition to bonuses earned by attack roll, theurgy or psi, or strength bonuses.

This no-nonsense power martial art resembles ancient karate of old Urth. Honor is highly valued and underhanded tactics are not tolerated. All current purchasing advantages are in effect.
*The Lord’s Stance: While in this stance it seems to be harder to hit the Shaidan warrior. His opponents are at a -1 to Goal for all unarmed and melee attacks.

This mystical martial art comes from the ancient practices of the Ur Obun’s Vhem-saahen Champions. For more information on these warriors consulate p. 35-36 of Aliens and Deviltry. More information on this martial art is found below.

The martial art of Vhem has a very ancient history extending back to the time of the lightbearers. It has changed and adapted over the millenia especially with the advent of Binataru and the establishment of the Zhri’alloi. At this point, the form began to concentrate on defense. Blocks became a speciatly.

Grapples and holds were taught less and the head-butt was unknown (the head was viewed as a psionic weapon rather than a physical one). It is common for Obun to know something of Vhemtaar’ullan especially in its relation to saatari. The attacking actions are more commonly learned by Vhem-saahen. As such many Obun know blocking maneuvers but only a few (Vhem-saahen in particular) would be found using grapples.
*Mystic’s Stance: While in this stance the martial artist has a singular advantage. On any successful Defensive action such as a block or Disengage then the artist get’s to roll Calm + Focus. If successful then the artist recovers one Wyrd, like in mediation. Critical rolls recover two Wyrd.
*Purchasing: Obun (and others who learn from an Obun) who learn the Vhemtaar’ullan may learn blocks (Block, Block & Strike, Block & Control, and Blocking Throw) at one level lower than the required level. Also attacks such as Powerfist, Vital Strike, and Redirect Power are learned at one level lower. Grapples (Martial Hold, Choke Hold, and Bear Hug) are rarely taught and because of difficulty in finding a teacher cost 2 points extra to learn. Head Butt cost 4 extra points due to its nature being contrary to the philosophy behind Vhemtaar’ullan

Additional Martial Arts Actions

Maneuver Level Roll Init Goal DMG
Breakfall 1/3 Dx + Fight - - -
Combo 5 Dx + Fight - 1 - 1 -
Disarm 5 Dx + Fight - 2 - 1 3
Kippup 5 Dx + Vigor - - -
Palm Shove 7 Dx + Fight - - -
Athletic Strike 8 Dx + Fight - 3 - 2 -
Block & Control 8 Dx + Fight - +2/0 -
Hold Group 9 Dx + Fight - 1 - 3
Redirect Power 10 Dx + Fight - - 3 -


By Joni Virolainen.

Reduces thrown damage by 1 dice/victory point. At first level you still end up knocked down, but at 3rd level you are able to get up in the same round.

Palm Shove

By Psychedelic Goblin.

The stylist strikes his opponent with a deceptively soft but firm palm strike, sending the target staggering backwards. If the stylist hits, he makes a contested Dexterity + Fight roll (adding his victory points from the strike roll) vs. the target’s Strength (or Dexterity) + Vigor. Each success the stylist is left with sends the opponent staggering backwards, uncontrollably for 1 meter.

Athletic Strike

By Psychedelic Goblin.

The martial artist – in true chop-socky style – can somersault over obstacles, leap from balconies, etc., and still strike his opponent in the same action! He suffers no multiple action penalties for doing so. However, this feat plus the strike must be the only action performed in the turn. Gamemaster discretion.

Block & Control

By Matt Seaborn.

If successful may immediately follow with a throw or hold of any type with no multiple actions penalty. This move may only be used if an opponent attacks

Hold Group

By Matt Seaborn.

This technique is identical to the Throw Group maneuver described in the Players Companion pages 164/165, except that instead of throwing the group the martial artist may hold them.


By Psychedelic Goblin.

The stylist launches two attacks almost simultaneously in a devastating combination. This is considered to be a single action. Both attacks are rolled separately.

Redirect Power

By Matt Seaborn.

The martial artist, when attacked, rolls vs. his assailant’s successes, if successful then he may immediately, with no multiple actions penalty, perform a hold or throw on his attacker, adding either the damage the opponent would have inflicted and the difference in successes of the opposing rolls made, which ever is lower, to his throw or hold goal roll, thus complementing it.

BLOCKING THROW (Level 7, level 6 for Vhemtaar’ullan)
This maneuver combines a block and throw. Roll as a block (Dx + Fight) and adds 3 successes to resist attacks if successful. If the attack is completely blocked the target is thrown 1 meter per every 2 successes (round up) it exceeds the attack. Damage is 1d+1d for every 3 meters thrown. If the target was charging, the distance thrown is 1 meter per every success it exceeds the target’s roll and base damage goes to 2d+1d for every 3 meters thrown.

Martial Arts Schools

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