Ranged Combat Forms

Target practiceSo, there are fencing forms and martial arts what about shooting?? Yes, I know there needs to be something done about that. This page contains some adaptation made from Fading Suns, Revised Edition for Fading Suns, Second Edition rules.

The following are a set of forms dedicated to being used with ranged weapons. Each Style has advantages and disadvantages much like the fencing and martial arts styles. To acquire one, the player need only spend 5 XP or Extra Points.

Phoenix Rifle Corps Training
While each House usually trains their own soldiers, particularly the Hazat, the current popular style of rifle training is the Imperial style. This is based on Hawkwood rifleman protocols mixed some of the best practices learned during the Unification.

  • Head’s Down Stance: This stance is designed to improve accuracy as well as help the rifleman take better advantage of cover. While in this stance and not moving, the rifleman gains a +1 to Goal on all Shoot rolls. Furthermore, he gains the advantage of cover imparts an additional goal penalty of -1 for all opponents shooting at the rifleman.
  • Purchasing: The following maneuvers are able to be purchased at one level lower than listed: Quick Reload, Recock, Instinct Shot, Stock Slam, and Bayonet Thrust. Snapshot and Two gun are learned at one level higher.

This is a common style among the guilds. This style emphasizes fast drawing and rapid fire. This gun style is also popular with nobles who like to carry elaborately crafted pistols for show or dueling. Constant movement is a key to this style.

  • Criticorum Reload: Rather than reloading in combat many Pistola shooters practice drawing a new weapon and firing quickly. the shooter is consider to have the Quick Draw maneuver while in this stance. Furthermore, the stance also grants the shooter a +3 to Initiative but only for the use of pistols or dodging.
  • Purchasing: The following maneuvers may be learned at one level lower than their listed value: Snapshot, Pistol Whip, Leap and Shoot, Roll and Shoot, Two Gun, and Quick Draw. The following maneuvers would need to be learned at one level greater: Stock Slam, Recock, and Bayonet Thrust.

New Firearms Maneuvers:

  • Pistol Whip: Level: 5, Roll: Dex + Melee, Initiative: +1, Goal: +0, Damage: 3d. With a quick bash of the butt of the handgun the shooter may damage an opponent. If the opponent suffers more damage than his Endurance he will be disoriented or possibly even knocked out.
  • Bayonet Thrust: Level: 4, Roll: Dex + Melee, Initiative: +2. Goal: +0, Damage: 5d. The shooter can make a lighting fast thrust with his attached bayonet at the enemy.
  • Stock Slam: Level: 6, Roll: Dex + Melee, Initiative: -1, Goal: +0, Damage: 4d. The shooter can bring the butt of his weapon to bear on a foe and with expert precision and training may bash the foe with it. If the hit is successful, then the shooter rolls Dex + Melee + VP vs his opponent’s Str + Vigor. If successful the foe is knocked from his feet.

Ranged Combat Forms

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